Learn Best Practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the important thing when you are serious about your online Business. Learning the Step by Step SEO Best Practices will help to improve your Website in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Read all the below Checklist to improve your knowledge and give the Guide about how the search Engines are working and what improvement on our website can change our result in from of the SERP.

Learn this List of SEO Best Practices step by step

Learn how to Optimize Title Tag – Title tag Optimization tips

What is Safe & Best Keyword Density – Keyword Density to be used

Learn about Meta Description – Meta Description Optimization tips

Optimize URL SEO Friendly – SEO Best Practices about URL Optimization

Text Content ratio – Best Practices about the Text and Code ratio

About H1 Tag SEO – Learn H1 tag SEO tips

Learn Image SEO – Image Optimization techniques

How to optimize Headings – Hot to write Headings in Pages

Focus the Keyword – Highlight your Keyword for better visibility

Use Canonical URL tag – Avoid Duplicate content using rel=”canonical”

Important on Page SEO Factors you must Learn

1 . Title Tag – is most important factor that describes your content. So the First Step of on Page SEO is title tag.
2 . Choosing Keyword – carefully will drive more traffic from search Engines. Second Step Know what People need.
3 . Keyword Density – Keep your Keyword Density Safe and Best in content.
4 . Meta Description – Write a Short Snippet that describes your web page.
5 . SEO Friendly URL – Show your content with URL of the Web Pages.
6 . Content Length – Do more research about the topic and Write More Contents that interest to read.
7 . Use H1 tag ONCE – All Pages covers only Single Topic so H1 must be one.
8 . Use Images – More than thousand Word your Single image will Explain everything about the Page.
9 . Use H tags – Use Headings and Sub Headings to describe your matter in nice way.
10. Focus your Keyword – Differentiate your main content from normal words from the content.
11. Avoid Duplicates – Avoid Duplicate content Using Canonical Tag.

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