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Image alt tag Optimization SEO Best Practices

Image alt tag Optimization is makes more visits from search engines by image search. SEO Best Practices using alt tag in the picture is crucial factor in on page SEO.

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What is Image alt tag?

It’s the Alternative text of the Image somehow the old or text only browsers will display only text content so this purpose it will explain what it is. Alternative text also describes the image what it’s about.

Code Sample

<img src=”sample-picture.jpg” alt=”This is Sample Image” />

Checklist for Optimize the Image alt tag

  • Must be relative and descriptive about the image.

  • All words in the key phrase must be present significantly in alternative tag.

  • Don’t use Keyword stuffing on this tag

  • Check the full key phrase presence.

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On Page SEO Tool – Let’s see how this tool help to improve the image alt tag Optimization.


Well Optimized image alt tag Example

How it’s works

  1. Checks for the Full Phrase Presence – If Present then the Page got some Score, Not Presence No score.

  1. Checks for all the words Presence – If all present then the Page got full Score, partial presence low score.


Not Optimized Example

Alt tag SEO is help to increase ranking in the image SERP so makes that clear and add more relative images to your content. More than thousand words an image can explain better so add images and explain your topic.

Also the image name should be like meaning and relative it’s better so try to name your pictures correctly.

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