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Optimal Keyword Density SEO Best Practices

Keyword Density is also the most important factor that makes Website both in front and back of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEO Best Practices this is some high weight factor in on page SEO.

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What is Keyword Density?

It’s calculated by the Keyword total words presence is divided by total words of the web page. May be this calculation is not correct in this time because, search Engines are changing everything in the modern era.

Density Formula

Consider the Keyword is “White hat” so the Word Count is two and consider the Word Present four times in the Example Page. The total Word Count of the Web Page is 400 words. So the formula is,

( ( word count * Word Occurrence ) / Total Word Count ) * 100

So the Density ratio of the above Example is,

( ( 2 * 4 ) / 400 ) * 100 = 2 %

Checklist for Safe Keyword Density

  • Keep your ratio best and safe between 2% to 4%.

  • Full Key Phrase must be Present and need to be not more than 4%

  • All Words in the Key phrase must between 2% to 4%

  • Use word Synonyms as much as word

Related SEO Tools

On Page SEO Tool – Let’s see how this tool helps to find Safe and Optimal Keyword Density.


Optimal Keyword Density Example

Below is the Key Phrase of the Example Document,

Title tag Optimization

How it’s works

  1. Checks for the Full Phrase Presence and calculates ratio – Ratio must between the 2 to 4 is good, below is ok, above is too bad.

  1. Checks for all the words Presence and calculates ratio – All words ratio must between the 2 to 4, below is ok, and above is bad.


Over Keyword stuffing Example

Here the chosen Keyword for the Page is “Quick Shop

So this tool analyzes your page for various Keywords and gives the report about what’s the best Keywords Available in your content. Help to optimize your Keyword in the Safe and Optimal ratio.

Latest modern Search Engines like Google using some synonyms terms that matched to our word so use synonyms of the Keyword and Don’t try to Cheat Search Engines. If you over stuffed your keywords means you will hit by Google Penguin and gets penalty.

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