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Text content ratio Best Practices

Writing more content to your page will increase the potential rank of your website little. In SEO Best Practices this will make medium sometimes high impact in on page SEO. This will be varies depends on the site niche.

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What is Text Ratio?

Total Page Content has the html and plain text. So the content ratio is plain text divided by total content.

Adding more text content will be add some good impact in the SERP because Search Engines looking for more descriptive contents.

Checklist for Optimize the URL Tag

  • Keep your word count high as possible

  • All sentences are needed to be meaningful.

  • Don’t make mistakes in Grammar and Spelling.

  • Write your text content with your keyword significantly.

  • If you can use reduce the html codes.

  • Don’t add too much of Text

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Well Optimized Text Content ratio Example

How it’s works

This operation just checks only ratio and give the report about how much content is there.

Not Optimized Example

Modern Era Search Engines looking for Quality content with good link building so, keep your content high and Good.



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