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Title Tag Optimization SEO Best Practices

Title tag Optimization is the most important factor that makes Website in front of the SERP. SEO Best Practices this is the crucial factor in on page SEO.

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What is Title Tag?

It’s the main part that describes about the Page content. It is the most important being overall content, and appears in three key places: browsers, search engine results pages, and external websites.

Code Sample

<title>Example Title</title>

Checklist for Optimize the Title Tag

  • Should be more relevant to the page content.

  • Keep it Unique between Pages

  • All words in the key phrase must be present significantly.

  • More descriptive about the content.

  • Important Keyword need to be place before 65 characters

  • Check the full key phrase presence.

Related SEO Tools

On Page SEO Tool – Let’s see how this tool help to improve the Title tag Optimization.


Well Optimized Title Tag Example

Below is the Title of the Example Document,

Safe Keyword Density for SEO – Best SEO IDEAS

For well Optimized tag the selected Keyword for the Page is Safe Keyword Density

How it’s works

  1. Checks for the Full Phrase Presence – If Present then the Page got some Score, Not Presence No score.

  1. Checks for all the words Presence – If all present then the Page got full Score, partial presence low score.

  1. Checks for all the words first starting position – How much in front that much it makes score.

  1. Checks for all the words count – Its little complex algorithm to find keywords stuffing. Keep it as 1 for all words that’s better


Not Optimized Example

Here the chosen Keyword for the Page is Keyword Ratio

So this tool analyze your title for various Keywords and gives the report about how it’s optimized for the particular Key phrase. Using Key phrase in the tag is better chance to in front of SERP in various keywords.

Latest modern Search Engines like Google using some synonyms terms that matched to our word so use synonyms of the Keyword in this tag.


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